About the soap

EXIT INSTANT STAIN REMOVER is 100% biodegradable, compact and portable, and is a safe and very effective mutli-purpose stain remover.

Exit Instant Stain Remover is suitable for a wide range of stains made by blood, biro, boot polish, grease, lipstick, red wine and many other household stains.

The active ingredient is a by-product of the citrus juice industry and is a natural substitute for most other organic solvents, this results in a safe yet very effective stain removing soap.

Set in a pure vegetable soap base and enhanced with a blend of secret ingredients EXIT's natural cleaning power can dissolve the most stubborn of stains, including grease!

As a natural product EXIT INSTANT STAIN REMOVER is safe to use on most household items including chairs, lounges, shirts, suits and many other surfaces with out causing damage to anything besides the stains!

Exit soap was first produced in 1930 in a backyard in Charleville, it was destined exclusively for the hardware market.

In the 70’s the creator of Exit soap retired and the business was sold to a hardware store owner in suburban Brisbane. The new owner continued with the original formulae and EXIT instant stain remover became a welcome addition to a growing number of laundries, handbags, glove boxes and office desks around the country and infact around the world!.

The current owners brought the company in 1999 as they realised the potential of the product. The only change that has been made is the label and packaging. The product is still made with the original formulae and still remains a wholly Australian made and owned product.

In 2006 after much debate, research, testing and trials the popular Exit soap has been developed in a unique liquid form to allow more convenience in the home or office.

Apart from being sold in Australia Exit Instant Stain Remover is now sold in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, New Zealand and Spain.


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